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Cue the Standing Ovation

Each year, individuals who have made significant contributions to the Baltimore advertising community are eligible for one of four coveted awards. Winners will be honored during the annual American Advertising Awards ceremony. 

Nominees may represent any sector of the industry (agency, freelance, clients, partners, media outlets, production suppliers, photographers, and more) and any segment within these groups (account services, media, HR, creative, etc.)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 2009 to recognize local industry leaders responsible, throughout their career, for helping build the foundation for a strong Baltimore advertising community. This premiere award honors talented, dedicated individuals who inspire others by setting the standard by which great leaders and accomplishments are measured.

Recent Recipients

Allan Charles, 2023

Billy Twigg, 2022

David Imre, 2021

Roger Gray, 2020

Sean Carton, 2019

Rip Lambert, 2018

Jack Heyrman, 2017

Jeff Millman, 2016

Elliott Wiley, 2012

Silver Medal Award

Established in 1959 to recognize industry professionals who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. Annually, AAF member chapters bestow this honor upon outstanding members of their local advertising community.

Recent Recipients

Andres Zapata, 2023

Matt McDermott, 2022

Becky Smith, 2021

Betsy Clark, 2020

Michael Teitelbaum, 2019

Vanessa Baker, 2018

Jodi Burg, 2016

Crystal Prism Award

Often described as the award for the “unsung hero,” the Crystal Prism award bestows the honor and gratitude of the AAFB to an individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty, giving of their time selflessly for the advancement and success of their club without seeking reward or personal gain. It acknowledges their commitment, contributions, and giving of themselves to further the industry’s standards and to enhance the image of advertising.


The Crystal Prism Award is a cherished award and not usually given out annually, but instead, is only awarded to those very few, very special, dedicated recipients who nurture and grow our clubs.

Recent Recipients

Krystal Cotriss, 2023

Ashlene Larson, 2022

Stephanie Bronfein, 2021

Jeremy Martin, 2020

Courtney Black, 2019

Sarah Quackenbush, 2018

Kathe Flynn, 2017

Jennifer Dodson, 2017

Katherine Mahool Iconoclast Award 

Named in honor of the 1st president of the organization that eventually would become American Advertising Federation Baltimore, the Iconoclast Award celebrates women in advertising, marketing, business, and design who have redefined industries, defied stereotypes, and torn down barriers to success so that others may follow. 

Recent Recipients

Diane Devaney, 2023

Barbara Brotman Kaylor, 2022

Linda Stanley, 2021

Kathy Harvey, 2020

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